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Frequently asked questions

I am not vegan or vegetarian, is the website also intended for me?

Of course! Everyone is welcome to use the information that can be found on RestauPlant. In addition, you are also welcome to write reviews about the food you have eaten. Because it is a platform about vegan and vegetarian food, we only ask you to write reviews about vegan or vegetarian dishes that you have eaten

My favorite restaurant is not on the website, what can I do?

That's a pity. RestauPlant works very hard to activate as many restaurants as possible on the website. Are you very enthusiastic about a restaurant, and would you like to share it with other RestauPlant users? No problem! You can add your favorite restaurant here. We can really use all the help, so don't hesitate to do this! It is much appreciated.

Can I write a review about a restaurant that is not yet on RestauPlant?

Yes, this is possible. We are working hard to add more restaurants to the website. If you write a review about a restaurant that is not published yet, your review will still be stored. Your review will be visible as soon as the restaurant is published on RestauPlant.

If you review a restaurant in a city that is already active on RestauPlant, we will ensure that the restaurant you have reviewed is activated as soon as possible and that your review is visible to yourself and to others. Are you very excited and don't want to wait for this?

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Which dishes on a menu are indicated as vegan or vegetarian?

All starters, main courses and desserts that are vegan or vegetarian are indicated as one dish. Side dishes, bites or snacks are not counted. All pages immediately indicate how many vegan, vegetarian and other options are on the menu. Click on the menu button to see the whole menu, or look at the restaurant page for the sample dishes to quickly see what you can eat vegan and vegetarian.

If an x number of options on the menu is indicated vegan or vegetarian, how do I know which dishes these are?

Some restaurants are clear about which dishes are vegan or vegetarian on the menu, and other restaurants are not that clear about it. You can do 3 things:

  • Read the menu to see what products are used in the dishes.
  • RestauPlant offers the possibility to directly view 3 sample dishes on the restaurant page under the menu heading.(Homepage: search restaurant → click on restaurant → scroll to the menu heading → see sample dishes)
  • If a restaurant is not completely vegan or vegetarian, it is wise to ask the service which dishes you can eat. This way, you can be sure that you choose a dish that you want.

Why is RestauPlant only active in certain cities?

It is one of RestauPlant’s values to provide good information about vegan and vegetarian food in restaurants. Gathering good information takes time, and that's why we add cities step by step. If we see that there is a sufficient supply of restaurants in Amsterdam, and we see that you are satisfied with the information at the website, we will expand to other places in the Netherlands. We are very much looking forward to start in other cities and provide everyone in the Netherlands good information about vegan and vegetarian food in restaurants in their neighborhood. The good news is: you can also help us with this! Are you enthusiastic about a restaurant? Then add the restaurant via the link above. If several restaurants have been added from a certain city, we can easier start RestauPlant in that city.

Do you show if a vegetarian dish can be prepared vegan?

If the menu from the restaurant shows that it is possible to make a dish vegan, we will also indicate the vegetarian dish as a vegan dish. If it is not indicated on the menu by the restaurant, we will not write it down. Sometimes a restaurant has no vegan options on the menu at all. RestauPlant will, in some cases, contact the restaurant to ask about the possibilities. If they have possibilities, we describe this in the restaurant description, the sample dishes, and we show this with the x number of vegan or vegetarian dishes