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Mission & vision

RestauPlant stands for more than just having good food when eating out. This is what we want to achieve together with you.
What do we want to achieve

RestauPlant starts small, but the mission is big. RestauPlant wants to become THE restaurant guide for vegan and vegetarian food in the Netherlands. And we can’t do this alone: we need your help.

Together, we are building a community that enjoys eating vegan and vegetarian food in restaurants. We build this by adding good restaurant information and writing reviews to make the choice to eat plant-based easier for others. Not only for other vegans and vegetarians, but also for the flexitarians and everyone who wants to eat less meat.

Unfortunately, people who normally eat vegetarian still opt for meat or fish dishes when they go out for dinner. We would love it if RestauPlant could involve the flexitarians more by making vegetarian choices in restaurants.

This way, we make major change together, and we motivate restaurants to put more vegan and vegetarian dishes on their menu.

We also really want to include restaurants in the movement. Not only consumers, but also restaurants, can join RestauPlant to build a more loving and future-proof world.

What we think is important

There are three main reasons that are often called why people decide to stop eating animal products. These are the environment, animal suffering and health.

In these times, we are facing major issues when it comes to these three themes, but still it remains very difficult for many to reduce eating animal products. RestauPlant arose from a feeling of a lack of information about where you can eat good vegan and vegetarian food in the Netherlands.

And this while so many people are vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian. RestauPlant wants to make it easier for everyone who wants to eat less animal products.

Together, we will make the world a bit more beautiful by making it more accessible for everyone to eat out vegan or vegetarian.