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My name is Katelijne Kolman, and I am the founder of RestauPlant. In July 2020 my vegan adventure started. I feel blessed that I can live vegan and being aware of what I eat and how I live.

Of course, I also love the good life: going out for a drink, or eating out with friends and family. Unfortunately, when I decided to go vegan, I found it very hard to search for a restaurant with good vegan food. The search was an endlessly annoying process.

While most restaurants can prepare a steak, preparing a good vegan or vegetarian dish is something entirely different. The search for a restaurant with tasty vegan food took me forever and was not always easy. I felt that this should change. Therefore, I decided to tackle this problem.

During my sabbatical I worked on my idea and that's how RestauPlant was born. A website with detailed information for anyone who wants to eat in a restaurant where they serve good vegan and vegetarian food. Made for and by vegans and vegetarians.

With RestauPlant, I want to make it easier and more accessible to eat vegan and vegetarian in restaurants. I also feel the need to contribute in the transition to a world where we live more plant-based.

Want to know more about RestauPlant's mission & vision? Please read this story: Mission & vision

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I am the founder of RestauPlant and love to talk about nothing more than vegan and vegetarian dining out. I have been vegan since July 2020, live in Amsterdam, and am always up-to-date on the best new places.


Project Manager

Hi, I'm Demi! I'm an Amsterdammer through and through, and I'm passionate about everything related to vegan food. I've been vegan since 2019, and my love for delicious food has only grown since then. I don't just love the food itself, but also cooking, visiting restaurants, and writing about food. Besides my studies in anthropology and religious studies, I've been working with RestauPlant since May 2022 and loving it. I also adore my dog Lily, dry white wine, attending festivals, reading, and traveling. You can always wake me up for a good vegan burger (preferably with fries and garlic mayo).


Content Creator

Hi, I'm Myrthe, a passionate girl who loves everything related to veganism and a healthy, sustainable, and conscious lifestyle. My passion began at a young age when I realized that our choices impact the planet. By making conscious choices in our daily lives, we can all contribute to a greener, cleaner world. As a vegan, I think it's important to show how simple, healthy, and delicious a plant-based diet can be. That's why I love sharing my favorite vegan and vegetarian tips and restaurants. Besides my love for sustainability and veganism, I enjoy pilates, playing the piano, and surfing. I hope I can inspire you to make conscious choices and work towards a greener and healthier world.


Content Creator

Hi, I'm Avi! I'm English but have lived in the Netherlands almost my entire life. My passions are discovering new vegan eateries and sustainable travel. I love exploring new vegan dishes and sharing them with you through RestauPlant and my personal Instagram channel @aviganlife.


Content Creator

Hi! I'm Tessel, and I've been creating content for RestauPlant for a few months now. When I heard about Katelijne's mission, I was immediately enthusiastic because I mostly eat plant-based myself and love discovering veggie and vegan places. RestauPlant makes it much easier to find a nice spot for every occasion. I'm also studying nutrition & dietetics and work as a barista (so I make delicious oat milk cappuccinos all day). Occasionally, I share recipes on my personal Instagram @healthytes.


Content Creator

Hi! My name is Suzanne, and I live in the beautiful Vogelenbuurt in Utrecht! I'm a real foodie with a master's in Nutrition and Health and a great love for food and cooking. Besides cooking, I'm very passionate about animals, trying out new eateries, bike rides, and walking. I hope to positively convince as many people as possible to eat plant-based more often, contributing to a food system where plant-based eating takes center stage. You can also always reach out to me for restaurant tips in Utrecht and Amsterdam, as I love trying out new vegan-friendly places!


Content Creator

Hi! My name is Anona, I'm almost graduated as an applied psychologist and work in addiction care. I've been vegan for almost four years now and create content for RestauPlant in the Brabant region. Delicious vegan food is my passion, and I love sharing it with you.