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About RestauPlant

In 2022, I started RestauPlant with the mission to make it easier to find restaurants where you can enjoy vegan and vegetarian dining in the Netherlands. No more difficult searches across the internet, but all the information about restaurants in one place. Moreover, I love nothing more than to support others in adopting a sustainable lifestyle by providing you with reliable information about vegan and vegetarian food.

When I first became vegan, I found it challenging to find good up-to-date information about vegan dining in restaurants. I felt this could be improved, and decided to map out "Vegan Friendly" restaurants in Amsterdam. I quickly noticed others were also very happy with this information, and that's how I began to expand RestauPlant. Currently, along with our team, I'm mapping restaurants across the whole of the Netherlands. We do this carefully, ensuring that the information is accurate and stays updated. RestauPlant lists only open restaurants, we keep all the menus up-to-date, and let you know how many vegan and vegetarian dishes are available. This way, you can dine out with peace of mind.

We aim to help everyone in the Netherlands find great restaurants through RestauPlant. At this moment, RestauPlant covers all the major cities in the Netherlands. This year, we are working hard to map out all the smaller cities as well, to assist you even better.

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If you are a restaurant owner and want to join RestauPlant, you can? We would love to help spotlight your restaurant to our sustainable, vegan, and vegetarian website visitors. For more information for restaurants, please visit: For restaurant owners

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I am the founder of RestauPlant and love to talk about nothing more than vegan and vegetarian dining out. I have been vegan since July 2020, live in Amsterdam, and am always up-to-date on the best new places.


Project Manager

Hi, I'm Demi! I'm an Amsterdammer through and through, and I'm passionate about everything related to vegan food. I've been vegan since 2019, and my love for delicious food has only grown since then. I don't just love the food itself, but also cooking, visiting restaurants, and writing about food. Besides my studies in anthropology and religious studies, I've been working with RestauPlant since May 2022 and loving it. I also adore my dog Lily, dry white wine, attending festivals, reading, and traveling. You can always wake me up for a good vegan burger (preferably with fries and garlic mayo).


Content Creator

Hi, I'm Avi! I'm English but have lived in the Netherlands almost my entire life. My passions are discovering new vegan eateries and sustainable travel. I love exploring new vegan dishes and sharing them with you through RestauPlant and my personal Instagram channel @aviganlife.


Content Creator

Hi! My name is Suzanne, and I live in the beautiful Vogelenbuurt in Utrecht! I'm a real foodie with a master's in Nutrition and Health and a great love for food and cooking. Besides cooking, I'm very passionate about animals, trying out new eateries, bike rides, and walking. I hope to positively convince as many people as possible to eat plant-based more often, contributing to a food system where plant-based eating takes center stage. You can also always reach out to me for restaurant tips in Utrecht and Amsterdam, as I love trying out new vegan-friendly places!


Content Creator

Hi! My name is Anona, I'm almost graduated as an applied psychologist and work in addiction care. I've been vegan for almost four years now and create content for RestauPlant in the Brabant region. Delicious vegan food is my passion, and I love sharing it with you.


Content Creator

Hi! My name is Priya, and I'm a content creator in the city where I was born, raised, and still live: Rotterdam! Since 2017, I've been vegan for the animals and am actively involved as an animal rights activist. I recently switched my career from being a psychologist for 11 years to start training as a plant-based chef in Amsterdam, which I am currently doing! I find it fun and inspiring to meet entrepreneurs through RestauPlant who are involved with vegan food, and sometimes I think about possibly starting my own vegan eatery in a few years! With my two dogs, Asik and Ayna, I love to go out into nature, and of course, I love eating and drinking well but healthily. I also enjoy dancing, having good and deep conversations, and I can also spend a day doing absolutely nothing! For my cooking adventures, my content for RestauPlant, and more about animal rights, you can follow me on Instagram @plantbasedchef.priya


Content Creator

My name is Susanne. The animals are my reason for living a vegan life. I reside in the far sunny south of Limburg, Kerkrade. In my free time, I love to go on food trips in nearby cities and even further away, and I'll give you extensive reports about them here. Food, alongside my two Siamese cats and photography, is my great passion. I haven't eaten meat in 28 years and dairy products in 20 years. For the past 9 years, I have been living completely vegan. I couldn't be more certain about anything than my commitment to being vegan forever. 💪 🌱The future is vegan🌱


Content Creator

Hi, I'm Sjoukje from the beautiful Friesland. I'm excited to represent the North for RestauPlant. I love going to cool spots, grabbing a coffee, or having lunch! And what I especially love is a cappuccino with oat milk. Not a day goes by without one! Currently settled (it feels strange to say that) in the Netherlands. Before this, I spent years traveling and working all over Europe with my partner. But every cloud has a silver lining, and it led me to RestauPlant. Besides, I enjoy crossfit, motorcycling, hiking through nature, and reading books. That’s me! ☕️