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A free restaurant profile as a good start
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Get more guests
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Reserve directly with your reservation system*
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2x top of most visited articles
1x featured in newsletter
1x Instagram story and post
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The optimal package to achieve the most visibility
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Featured on the homepage
4x top of most visited articles
4x color highlighting in top visited articles
3x featured in newsletter
2x Instagram post & story
1x Instagram reel

* We integrate the reservation system you work with so that guests can book directly. We can integrate Formitable, Quandoo, Resengo, and Guestplan among others. NO additional costs per booking will be charged!
** Advertising for multiple restaurants or locations is custom work. Please contact us for this
*** All packages can be canceled monthly.

Facts and figures about RestauPlant

  • Visitors of RestauPlant are actively searching for a restaurant to eat. This makes it attractive to be highly visible. Visitors are close to their decision moment and can make reservations via RestauPlant directly.
  • RestauPlant has the top positions in Google when it comes to vegan and vegetarian food. Over 200,000 people search on Google every month for vegan and vegetarian restaurants and this search traffic often ends up on RestauPlant. For exapmle: searching for "vegan restaurant Utrecht" returns as number 1 result RestauPlant.
  • RestauPlant has more than 40,000 unique visitors per month. As a fast-growing startup, the number of visitors grows tremendously.
  • RestauPlant targets an ever-growing target group of flexitarians (42%), vegetarians (5%), pescatarians (3%) and vegans (2%) for which other providers pay little or no attention.

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